Double-Sided (different images) Mugs Are Here!


My supplier now has the capability of printing a different image on each side of their 11-ounce and 15-ounce coffee mugs! Since I had previously been asked about this, several times, I'm excited about being able to offer it!

Since these are considered custom jobs, you won't be able to order it directly like this, on the page of the mug itself. However, I have worked to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible, even to the extent of keeping the price the same as it is, over-riding the suggestion from my source, to increase the price accordingly. That's simply not going to happen!

What About your Color-Changing Magic Mugs?

The same thing can be said for my color-changing magic mugs as well. I can place a different image on each side and the price will not increase! Seriously, it's that simple!


How Do I Order?

As I pointed out above, keeping it easy, simple and pain-free has been my objective from the start. To order your custom mug(s), all you need to do is have the information, listed below, handy; then contact me by e-mail or Facebook private messenger (both linked below).

  • Which mug? 11oz, 15oz, Travel Mug or Tumbler?

  • How many will you be ordering? (bulk discounts still apply)

  • What images do you need on your mug? If I don't have them in stock, we can work on a solution.

Can Shirts Have Different Images On Each Side?

The certainly can! New equipment purchases at my supplier has greatly enhanced their ability to offer diverse, custom jobs to their distributors, such as me. The same guidelines, as for the mugs above, apply to the shirts as well.

Once I have the information, from you, in hand, I'll create a draft as to how the desired product will look, with your images. I'll then send the draft to you for approval. In other words, nothing moves forward, until you decide it does.

Custom Shirts

If you have any questions, just send'em to me! Use either link below, either for e-mail or private messaging on Facebook and I'll reply ASAP!

Click either link below to contact me.